About Us

F.T. Underfoot Custom Pet Photography is the dream job of a couple native SoCal animal lovers named Marty and Nydia. Marty’s good at getting the pictures and Nydia’s good with everything else; they’re both good with animals.

Having both grown up with a wide range of animals in their lives (from birds and bunnies to cats and dogs) Marty and Nydia are true enthusiasts of all things animal. Marty adds, “Our passions are furry or feathered critters that are fun to cuddle, but we understand that “cuddly” is in the eye of the beholder, so no judgements here.”

After several years of producing beloved pet images for friends and family, Marty and Nydia are ready to offer their services to a larger audience. “The timing feels right,” says Nydia. “We’ve had several friends urging us to do this for the past year, so here we go. We’re excited to meet new people and their wonderful pets.”

If you’ve got a pet in your life that you find is woefully under-represented in the pictures on the walls of your home and/or office, Contact Us and let’s see what we can do to change that.